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Polaris Singapore Transnational Pte. Ltd is a medical and aesthetics distributor that provides hospitals, clinics and medical professionals with access to high quality and cost-effective medical device and equipment from Germany, Japan, South Korea and China. By ensuring that our product specialists keep up-to-date with latest research and developments, they can best support your choices of healthcare and medical equipment.

Our Vision

To be a leading and reliable corporate partner in the region.

Our Values

Partnership – we put the customer first and care for the established mutual relationships.
Commitment – we strive to be best-in-class.
Integrity – we uphold honest business practices, earning the trust of our employees, partners and customers.
Quality – we do our best to provide the highest level of excellence in our products and services and with our people and partners.

Our Operating Principles

We operate in compliance with the law and adhere to high ethical standards.
We are externally focused. Our businesses are defined by markets.
We are process-centered. Our processes are designed to optimize global performance.
We are led by an Executive Committee that enforces our principles, sets our strategy and manages our capital.
We are united by our common vision, mission, values and operating principles.